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The origin of T-shirts

Nowadays, T-shirts have become a simple, comfortable and versatile clothing that most people cannot do without in their daily life, but do you know how the origin of T-shirts? Go back 100 years and America's longshoremen would have smiled slyly, when T-shirts were underwear that wasn't easily exposed. For the clothing industry, T-shirts are a business, and a T-shirt that incorporates culture can save an international clothing brand.

T-shirt is the transliteration name of English "T-Shirt", because it is T-shaped when spread out. And because it can express many things, it is also called a cultural shirt.


T-shirts are naturally suitable for expression, with simple styles and fixed shapes. It is precisely this limitation that gives freedom to square-inch fabrics. It is like a canvas worn on the body, with infinite possibilities for painting and drawing.


In the hot summer, when fancy and individual T-shirts float by like clouds on the street, who would have thought that these underwear were originally worn by workers doing heavy physical labor, and they are not easily exposed. In the early 20th century, T-shirts were only marketed as underwear in the catalogs of clothing companies.

By 1930, although the image as underwear had not changed much, people had begun to try to wear T-shirts outside, which is what people often heard as "sailor shirts". Wearing T-shirts for long voyages, under the blue ocean and clear sky, T-shirts began to have a free and informal connotation.After that, T-shirts are no longer exclusive to men. The famous French film actress Brigitte Bardot used T-shirts to show off her graceful body curves in the movie "Baby in the Army". T-shirts and jeans have become a fashionable way for women to match.


The T-shirt culture was really carried forward in the 1960s when rock music flourished. When people put their favorite rock band images and LOGOs on their chests, the cultural connotation of T-shirts has taken a new great leap forward. Artists interested in the medium and message also explored the artistic possibilities of T-shirts.The patterns and words on the T-shirts can be printed as long as you can think of them. Humorous advertisements, ironic pranks, self-deprecating ideals, shocking ideas, and unrestrained moods all use this to vent.


Looking back at the evolution of T-shirts, you will find that it has been closely related to popular culture from beginning to end, and goes hand in hand like twin brothers.

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Post time: Feb-15-2023