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Misunderstandings About The Use of Towels

Human beings have been using napkin products as personal cleaning products for a long time. Modern towels were first invented and used by the British, and gradually spread all over the world. Nowadays, it has become a necessity in our life, but there are many misunderstandings about the use of textiles that we use every day:


A towel for all of your body

In many people's homes, a towel often "does multiple jobs"-washing hair, washing face, wiping hands, and taking a bath. In this way, the bacteria from the face, hands, hair, and towels will cover the whole body. If the germs enter sensitive parts such as the mouth, nose, eyes, or damaged skin, the mild ones will cause discomfort, and the severe ones will cause infection. Children and people with special constitutions are more vulnerable.


The frugal concept of "no break, not replace" is unacceptable

Thrift is a traditional virtue, but this habit is definitely a "fatal blow" for frequently used towels. People are usually used to putting towels in the bathroom without direct sunlight and poor ventilation, while towels made of pure cotton are generally hygroscopic and water-storing. Towels get dirty with use. According to actual tests, even if the towels that are not changed for three months are washed frequently, the number of bacteria will reach tens or even hundreds of millions.


Share a towel for the whole family

In many families, there are only one or two towels and bath towels, which are shared by the whole family in the bathroom. The elderly, children and women can take them at hand, and the towels are always kept moist. This is very harmful. Wet towels become a breeding ground for various microorganisms such as bacteria and fungi in the absence of ventilation and sunlight in the room. Coupled with the debris and secretions on the human skin, they become a delicacy for microorganisms, so Such towels are a paradise for microbes. Sharing by many people is more likely to cause the spread of bacteria, which may not only damage the skin but also cause cross-infection and even disease transmission.Therefore, towels must be dedicated to special use and must not be mixed with multiple people.


Towels are only washed but not disinfected

Some people who pay attention to cleanliness will pay attention to the special use of towels, distinguish them by function, and wash and replace towels frequently, which is very good. However, they do not pay attention to the disinfection of towels. The disinfection of towels does not necessarily have to use Bath disinfectant, etc. There are many and simple methods of disinfection of towels. (Sunlight contains ultraviolet rays, which have a bactericidal effect.) Sunlight has a certain sterilizing and disinfecting effect.


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Post time: Feb-22-2023