Introduction of Baby Hooded Towel- From Towel Factory

One of the most enjoyable moments as a parent is wrapping your child in a cozy, soft towel after a bath.  some parents may have doubt when choosing a good bath towel for their babies, as they need consider if the fabric is suitable, and if their babies will like the design, and if the size is suitable, also its softness and absorption,today as the towel manufacture, we will have a brief introduction  based on above aspects I have mentioned

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Baby hooded towels come in a variety of designs, you can choose simple design just with a simple hood or with a cute animal hood or also can be with full printing patterns. parents can choose according to their interests, it will add an extra layer of fun to bath time.  Whether it’s a playful elephant, a friendly bear or a charming bunny, there’s a hooded towel to suit every kid’s taste.


In addition to their diverse designs, these towels are available in a variety of fabric options, including cotton, coral fleece, and bamboo.  Cotton fabric has excellent water absorption, ensuring your baby is dry and comfortable after bathing.  Coral fleece fabric is incredibly soft and gives a luxurious feel while in good price, while bamboo fiber fabric is not only skin-friendly but also super soft, making it ideal for delicate baby skin.

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In addition, the common size of baby hooded towel is 90x90cm, which is enough to comfortably wrap children from 1-6 years old.  However, for those who require a specific size, we also offer customization options, ensuring every child enjoys a perfectly fitting towel.


Additionally, baby hooded towels can be printed with a custom logo on the towel label or packaging, this can allow you to create your own brand, also very suitable for gift use in the market

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We are the towel direct factory which have rich experience in the towel production for many years, we accept customized design or OEM service,if you have interest in the baby hooded towel or other kinds towel,welcome consult, we will offer our best service and price for you.

Post time: Jun-26-2024