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The Way To Choose A Suitable Towel For You

As one of the commonly used home textiles, towels are often in contact with human skin, which has a very bad impact on people's health. Most of the unqualified towels will have discoloration problems, and some contain aromatic amines, which are strong carcinogens. So how to choose a towel that is safe, healthy and suitable for you? We have summed up six tips for choosing towels:

How To Choose The Towel
How To Choose The Towel1

How to choose one of the towels: Look

Look at the good-looking towels with soft and bright colors. Whether it is a printed or plain-colored towel, as long as the materials are exquisite and the craftsmanship is at home, it must be very beautiful. A good towel has a clear pattern and looks very textured at a glance.

How to choose the second towel: Smell

The towel with a good smell will not have peculiar smell. If you can smell a smell similar to candle or ammonia, it means that the softener in the towel is too much; if there is a sour smell, the PH value It may exceed the standard; if there is a pungent smell, it means that a formaldehyde-containing fixing agent is used, and free formaldehyde is precipitated. These things are highly toxic and will be detrimental to human health, so they cannot be purchased.

How to choose the third towel: Soaking

Soaking in water to measure the color fastness of high-quality towels are generally dyed with reactive dyes. When dyeing dark towels, a large amount of hydrolyzed dyes is adsorbed on the fibers and it is difficult to clean, so there will be decolorization in the first washing. However, it should be noted that if the color of the light-colored towel is too much in the first washing or the color of the dark-colored towel is still faded after repeated washing, the dye is unqualified.

How to choose the fourth towel: Touch

The towel with a good feel is fluffy and soft to the touch. Such a towel is elastic in the hand, soft and comfortable on the face but not slippery. The slippery is caused by the addition of too much softener. Too much softener not only affects water absorption, but also is not good for our health. .

How to choose a towel five: Drip

Drip test towel has better water absorption, dripping water on the towel, a good towel will penetrate quickly. But a poor-textured towel can form impermeable beads of water. When this happens, it indicates that there is too much softener in the towel.

Post time: Apr-06-2022