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Classic Timeless Tassel

When it comes to tassel, along with the thoughts are: mystery, nobility, freedom, romance... The tassel, which has been endowed with multiple meanings, has gone through a long history and still occupies a large area of the fashion circle. Whether in woven clothing or knitted clothing, its elegant figure can be seen.

Franca Sozzani, editor-in-chief of Vogue Italia, once commented, "The Tassel will not disappear, it will always come back, no matter what way." Although it has gone through ups and downs, the designer has never stopped the technological innovation applied to the tassel design.

Classic Timeless Tassel2
Classic Timeless Tassel3

The tassel element is also diversified in the design of beach towels. The main function of beach towel is to lay it on the beach, one side can be used to put it on the sand, and the other side can be used to isolate the tide and sand, and people can lie on it and sunbathe on the beach. When the tassel elements are combined, the beach towel will play a decorative role in out daily life. The tassel will flutter in the wind when you put on a beach towel with tassel.

There are mainly 3 kinds of tassel in the market , they are round printed beach towel with tassel, wearable beach towel with tassel and turkish style rectangle beach towel with tassel

Round printed beach towel with tassel

Classic Timeless Tassel4
Classic Timeless Tassel5
Classic Timeless Tassel6

For round beach towel, there are mainly 2 fabric , one is cotton fabric, one side will be velour side with pattern printed on by using active printing technology , and another side will be white terry.

For microfiber one , the difference is the printing pattern will be printed on the beach towel by using digital printing, both of these 2 fabric are durable and can me matched with tassel.

Wearable Beach Towel with Tassel

For wearable beach towel , the tassel will be added at the bottom of the towel , like a dress. The towel fabric also can be in cotton or microfiber fabric like pictures below.

Classic Timeless Tassel7
Classic Timeless Tassel8
Classic Timeless Tassel9

Rectangle Turkish Style Beach Towel

This is kind of beach towel is made of cotton and polyester mixed fabric, it keeps the feature of light weight , sand free and portable. The tassel at 2 ends of the towel also makes the towel more classic and fashionable. In addition, There are multi-color options for this turkish style beach towel.

Classic Timeless Tassel10
Classic Timeless Tassel11

If you have any need for the beach towel or you want add any special element like tassel in the beach towel design , please contact us any time, we will meet your requirement according by our rich experience in this field.

Post time: Nov-02-2022